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Cologix Access Marketplace

Directly connecting customers to the cloud and each other, on-demand.

Our Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) platform offers both a cloud on-ramp solution and a private interconnection service, built on fast, reliable, self-service connectivity between you and your chosen service providers, all managed through the Cologix portal.


Cologix Access Marketplace helps customers securely connect to cloud providers

Do you need fast, private, highly available connections to the top cloud providers? With the Cologix Access Marketplace, customers can provision end-to-end Layer-2 circuits to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Each of these connections are built on demand through our customer portal.

Connectivity Options to Cloud Onramps in the Following Markets:

All Cologix customers can manage their AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, IBM Direct Link, Oracle FastConnect, and GCP Interconnect circuits from any Cologix Data Center.

29 separate North American CSP onramps are accessible from the Cologix Access Marketplace platform. Cologix ranks 4th on Cloudscene’s North American Connectivity and Data Center Leaderboard.

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Simple connectivity, when you need it

Fully-Automated Solution Fully-Automated Solution

Fully-Automated Solution

Leveraging best-in-class software to automate how companies interconnect directly, securely, and dynamically to cloud service providers (CSPs). With our complete interconnection solution, customers can provision virtual circuits via one or more physical ports to their choice of the top CSPs.

A Full Virtual Marketplace A Full Virtual Marketplace

A Full Virtual Marketplace

Looking beyond cloud, the Cologix Access Marketplace supports commerce between our customers by enabling customers to create and manage private, automated, on-demand circuits to any carrier, service provider, or enterprise business across our ecosystem. Interested in learning more about this next evolution in dynamic interconnection? If so, then connect with our teams below.

Real-Time Provisioning Real-Time Provisioning

Real-Time Provisioning

Connect in Minutes – Offering virtual, private, secure and cost-effective connectivity in minutes to one or more clouds, the Access Marketplace allows businesses to adapt quickly to changing workloads and network demand. It is simple, fast and dynamic to scale up and down to respond to changing business needs virtually. Customize secure connectivity to one or multiple clouds in minutes from an automated, self-serve portal.

Multiple Connectivity Options and Locations Multiple Connectivity Options and Locations

Multiple Connectivity Options and Locations

From our 29 separate North American CSP onramps, Cologix offers bandwidth options ranging from 50Mbps to 10Gbps to meet your business objectives.

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