Focus on your operations and goals without worrying about internet access

Cologix’s internet bandwidth service in Columbus, Dallas, Jacksonville, Lakeland, New Jersey, Montréal, Silicon Valley, Toronto and Vancouver markets provides dependable internet connectivity suitable for all your business needs.

Blended IP supported by multiple Tier 1 carriers and ISP providers

With diverse upstream feeds served via redundant equipment that provides complete carrier, vendor hardware and software diversity for greater reliability and scalability.

24/7 business monitoring

A turnkey solution for the installation, active management and monitoring of a customer’s internet connectivity.  Internet bandwidth options to ensure your business’s applications are supported with reliable, high-speed internet connectivity.

Low commit redundancy to primary single carrier services

Diverse upstream feeds provide diversity for greater reliability and scalability to ensure 99.999% uptime.

Interrupted internet service obstructs business operations and causes lost opportunities and revenue. Cologix's routing infrastructure fails over to another ISP if one goes offline.

Ensure that your connection is dependable and consistent

Cologix’s blended IP combines multiple upstream Tier 1 ISP providers to provide customers with the highest speed data transfer versus using a single internet carrier. Our fast reroute network protection and service that automatically reroutes traffic through redundant paths maximizes uptime and availability of services through dedicated and fully meshed Layer 2 connectivity.

Blended bandwidth is advantageous over active and standby circuits from two carriers. The result is a highly reliable internet connection, freeing your IT from router configuration, ISP fail over, ensuring network uptime and the day-to-day monitoring and management of an IP infrastructure.

Blend IP provides service offerings and adds service options to burst when demand spikes:

• Redundant and non redundant options
• Burstable service options, offering automatic scalability to accommodate unpredictable spikes in demand

Benefits of balanced IP

• No CAPEX investment or ongoing router maintenance
• Rapid, flexible provisioning
• Multiple speeds and fixed or burstable options
• Single invoice for easy management
• Flexible IP address block assignments
• 24/7 monitoring
• Choice of copper Ethernet or fiber-optic connections
• Cologix secures contracts with ISPs and manages carrier SLA performance to save customers time and money by not having to coordinate with multiple Carrier/ISP support groups

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