555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Neutral Access to Carrier Hotel

1050 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Enterprise-Grade Annex to Carrier Hotel

2828 Natal Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Largest Neutral Data Center in Vancouver

175 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

A secure, world-class, highly reliable and fault-tolerant, interconnection hub in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Why connect with Cologix in Vancouver?

Hyper-Efficient Data Centers and Robust Connectivity Hyper-Efficient Data Centers and Robust Connectivity

Hyper-Efficient Data Centers and Robust Connectivity

As Vancouver’s leading colocation data center provider, Cologix provides connectivity to 20+ unique networks and direct access to the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX). Our Vancouver data center at 555 West Hastings Street (VAN1) is in the Harbour Center, the primary carrier hotel in Vancouver. Nearby is VAN2, at 1050 West Pender, Cologix’s second downtown Vancouver data center, offering hyper-efficient, connectivity solutions. VAN3 is our newest data center at 2828 Natal Street, which is the region’s largest neutral data center with direct connectivity to the carrier hotel.

Right Where You Need to Be Right Where You Need to Be

Right Where You Need to Be

Vancouver is increasingly viewed as a natural redundant data center site for networks established by enterprises in Eastern Canada, Asia, and the U.S., due to the city’s location at the end-point of the largest Internet pipeline between British Columbia and the U.S.

IrisTel logo

Samer Bishay

President & CEO, IrisTel

“We selected Cologix to support us across Canada based on their network neutrality and flexible customer service. The 905 King Street data center meets our infrastructure needs, and with the connectivity back to 151 Front Street, it was an easy choice.

Vancouver Data Center Quick Facts

  • 3rd largest city in Canada with more than 2 million residents
  • Gateway to Asia and the United States
  • Home to rapidly growing film, content & creative industries
  • 3rd largest film and TV production center in North America, known as “Hollywood North”
  • One of the world’s best places to launch a startup

Vancouver Data Center Team

Anand Mohammed

Anand Mohammed

Director, Vancouver Operations

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Download Cologix Vancouver Spec Sheet

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