Connect local, connect global. Connect to our robust ecosystem.

Reliable, high-performance network connectivity is critical in every IT solution. Cologix gives you a choice of 600+ networks within our network-neutral Meet-Me-Rooms.

700+ networks

Within our network-neutral Meet-Me-Rooms.

We host six independent internet exchanges

DE- CIX,Dallas; QIX, Montréal: VANIX,Vancouver; TORIX,Toronto; Ohio IX, Columbus; MICE, Minneapolis.

Business connectivity options

Choose from virtual or traditional connection options.

Cologix interconnection data center platform

Connect together

Virtualization and cloud computing have transformed the importance of data center interconnection. Historically used to replicate data from a primary data center to a disaster recovery site or backup data center, a data center interconnect now enables enterprises to load balance compute resources across multiple sites dynamically.


Adaptive selection regarding the best network or cloud provider for your applications significantly reduces cost and risk while improving service and promoting future flexibility. Choice leads to fair pricing and innovation. Smaller customers with a presence in a carrier-neutral facility can exercise the same buying power traditionally reserved for the largest customers.

The Cologix data center interconnection platform brings global marketplaces to local businesses and consumers

Internet exchanges

Independent internet exchanges in Columbus, Dallas, Minneapolis, Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver.


Standard connections

Low cost and low risk service that enables you to easily establish a point of presence within a Cologix facility and access its interconnection community.


Metro connect

Intra-market connections between Cologix data centers, leveraging redundant dark fiber networks and massively scalable 4Tbps+ network architectures, to connect redundant IT deployments or extend connectivity options.

Blended IP

5Mbps to 10Gbps and burstable connectivity options delivering dependable, business-critical connectivity.

Connect local, connect global. Connect to our robust ecosystem.

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