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Reliable, high-performance network and cloud connectivity is critical in every IT solution. Cologix gives you a choice of 450+ networks, 250+ cloud providers within our network-neutral Meet-Me-Rooms and access to the most robust, scalable ecosystem in North America.

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Virtualization and cloud computing have transformed the importance of data center interconnection. Historically used to replicate data from a primary data center to a disaster recovery site or backup data center, a data center interconnect now enables enterprises to load balance compute resources across multiple sites dynamically.

Adaptive selection regarding the best network or cloud provider for your applications significantly reduces cost and risk, while improving service—promoting future flexibility. Choice leads to fair pricing and innovation. Smaller customers with a presence in a
carrier-neutral facility can exercise the same buying power traditionally reserved for the biggest customers.

Interconnection Platform
connects businesses to the cloud


Find scalable, flexible cloud connectivity solutions, offering the choice and control you need to deploy and manage your products and services


Build and future-proof your IT infrastructure with high-capacity, low-latency network connectivity solutions

Provider Ecosystem

Expand your reach through Cologix’s robust ecosystem of more than 450+ service providers via our carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Rooms and watch your
business grow

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