Cloud Services

Propelling digital transformation via public, private, and hybrid cloud access

Our high-performance cloud connectivity solutions allow enterprises to move workloads off-premise with customized hybrid and multi cloud strategies, supporting deployments, demands and diverse needs.

Flexible, Physical and Virtual Connections to the Cloud

Customize your cloud connectivity to reduce complexity and costs to support IT architectures while increasing agility and choice

  • Deploy products and services to the edge faster
  • Scale workloads up and down based on needs
  • Choose network service providers in Cologix’s network neutral Meet-Me-Rooms
  • Reduce IT infrastructure management and maintenance costs
  • Maintain compliance with industry and regulatory

Leveraging traditional or virtual cross connections on-demand and in real-time within data centers, Cologix powers digital transformations with access to:

  • 450+ network providers in Cologix’s rich, interconnected ecosystem
  • 200+ cloud providers including Amazon Web Services®, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft® Azure and IBM Cloud
  • Six internet exchanges

Access Marketplace

Providing a virtual cloud onramp solution with private, secure, self-serve connectivity with an online portal.

Cloud Connect

Connecting businesses to leading Public Cloud platforms—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud—across Cologix’s markets.

Public Cloud

Offering direct onramps to 250+ cloud service providers—privately, safely and quickly. Accelerate your business with high-performance cloud strategies and access to AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Oracle FastConnect, IBM Cloud and more.

Hybrid Cloud

Combining a mix of cloud, on-premises and off-premises IT resources, data centers, and edge locations to integrate workloads and move data to move between private and public clouds. Hybrid cloud models give enterprises greater control and choice to deploy, store and use data in a flexible, scalable way as demands, needs and costs change.

Private Cloud

Offering dedicated servers to a single business or a group of related businesses in a private IT structure. Private clouds provide fast, reliable, secure connectivity for moving data safely

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