Interbuilding connectivity between Cologix facilities within the same metropolitan market

Metro Connect is a fiber-based service offering 100Mb (FastE), 1000Mb (GigE) or 10G and higher (Passive Wave) bandwidth.

Connectivity between Cologix data centers

Within the same market over Cologix’s metro dark fiber and operated network equipment.

Extended reach to other carriers and networks

A low-cost alternative to local loops.

Connectivity to Cologix’s controlled carrier hotels and robust ecosystems

Providing a complete end-to-end solution.

A complete end-to-end solution for your business to connect to partners, vendors, carrier networks, CSPs and internet exchanges in other Cologix facilities

A solution to expand access to other Cologix data centers within a metro market

Customers are able to request one of two diverse routes for all three services.
Metro Connect is available in Jacksonville, Montréal, New Jersey, Toronto and Vancouver. The service comes in several configurations to solve customer requirements, including a cross-connect within each Cologix data center to provide a complete, end-to-end service.

FastE Metro Connect

A Lit Ethernet solution provided over Cologix’s network and dark fiber.  FastE provides customers with up to 100Mb of bandwidth through a Cat5 handoff.


A Lit Ethernet solution with up to 1Gb of bandwidth provided over Cologix’s network and dark fiber through a Cat5 handoff.

Passive Wave

A dark, passive wave solution provided over Cologix’s metro dark fiber. Metro Connect Passive Wave offers customers a single wave within its passive DWDM optical system. You are able to utilize the wave pathway to deliver any size optical signal between facilities with fiber handoffs.

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