Metro Connect
Metro Connect

FastE and GigE services make cross-town data traffic connections lightning fast

Metro Connect is a fiber-based service offering 100Mb (FastE), 1000Mb (GigE), or 10G and higher (Passive Wave) bandwidth.

Convenient, simple solution to increase access across data centers within a metro market

FastE and GigE services are delivered through a Cologix switch to the customer via a Cat5 handoff. The Passive Wave offering provides a dedicated lambda over Cologix fiber that customers must light with their own network equipment. Customers are able to request one of two diverse routes for all three services.
Metro Connect is available in Jacksonville, Montreal, New Jersey, Toronto, and Vancouver. The service comes in several configurations to solve various customer requirements and includes a cross-connect within each Cologix data center, providing complete, end-to-end service.

  • Connections between in-market data centers over shared dark fiber & Cologix-operated network equipment
  • Extended carrier & network choice
  • A low-cost alternative to local loops
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FastE Metro Connect FastE Metro Connect

FastE Metro Connect

Lit Ethernet solution with up to 100Mb of bandwidth through a Cat5 handoff, provided over our Juniper network and dark fiber.

GigE GigE


Lit Ethernet solution provided over Cologix’s Juniper network and dark fiber, with up to 1000Mb (1Gb) of bandwidth through a Cat5 handoff.

Passive Wave Passive Wave

Passive Wave

A dark (passive) solution provided over Cologix’s dark fiber, using customer-supplied 1000Mb or 10Gb Transceivers on both sides of the service. Metro Connect–Passive Wave offers customers a single wave (colored light) within its passive WDM optical system. You are able to utilize the wave pathway to deliver any size optical signal between facilities using fiber handoffs and your own equipment.

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