Cologix 2020 ESG Report

Cologix operates on a roadmap of strategic growth. We set challenging goals, build our technical and industry expertise and fulfill our commitment to customer experience by hiring people who have a passion for the industry at every level of the company.

100% of facilities SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA and PCI compliant in 2020

45% renewable energy used in 2020

Completed 51 energy efficiency projects in 2020

63% of leadership team is women identified

Above industry norms

Environmental, Social and Governance


We are committed to being as aggressive as possible in transitioning to more efficient, zero-carbon technologies. We are proud to partner with and serve some of the world’s largest companies. Many of our partners boast best-in-class environmental management and expect the same from us. It is our goal to exceed their expectations. We extend that commitment to the standard by which we hold all of our stakeholders, both internal and external.


Our commitment to social impact begins with Cologix employees. Without
a strong team of employees, Cologix cannot succeed. Our 300+ employees provide superior service to our customers and create long-term resilience and success for Cologix. We work hard to create a safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that encourages every employee to reach their potential and contribute to the greater good. Cologix celebrated 10 years of operation in 2020. We credit our growth in those 10 years to dedicated employees who have fully embraced our culture and worked to make Cologix what it is today.


For Cologix, good governance means leading with our values and putting
trust and accountability at the center of our work. This commitment
manifests every day for every member of our team at every level of our
business. We are steadfast in our commitment to strong ethical business
practices, and we encourage a sense of collective responsibility to do what is right in every situation. Our governance initiatives work to address the expectations of all stakeholders.

Cologix 2020 ESG Report

TRUST Values

At Cologix, our values start with TRUST. Born from the input of our employees as well as the fundamentals that our executive team leads by, TRUST is the foundation that guides our decisions and action every day.

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