Remote Hands
Remote Hands

We’ve Got This Wired, and Running

Our dedicated, local teams understand that every second of downtime jeopardizes revenue and relationships. Our remote-hands technicians make sure that every asset you trust us with is racked, stacked, wired, cooled, and running 24/7/365.

Remote Hands Services

  • On-site technical assistance
  • Visual verification for remote troubleshooting including circuits, loops & fiber
  • Racking & stacking equipment
  • Swapping removable media
  • Wiring services including moving, securing & terminating cables
  • Ladder rack build-outs
  • Rebooting, pushing a button, toggling a switch & power cycling equipment
  • Relaying equipment status & typing commands onto a pre-installed console
  • Labeling equipment or providing digital photos
  • Diagnostic & signal testing for cross-connect circuits
  • Additional services on request

Cologix’s expert technicians provide Remote Hands Services that extend our customers’ team and capabilities to the data center floor.

We provide you access to a broad North American data center platform but recognize that the best customer service comes from local, on-site experts that work with your deployment day-in and day-out.

  • Access to data center support technicians constantly monitoring the status of infrastructure and services across the entire ecosystem
  • Round-the-clock service leveraging our Cologix Command Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platform to rapidly identify specific services and infrastructure
  • Rapid response to service questions, troubleshooting, and case management that keeps networks and processes performing at their peak

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