Colocation and network-neutral connectivity exactly where you need it.

Our data center solutions offer the customer-centric infrastructure, systems, monitoring, and reach you need. We keep an eye on the future, adapting to the changes in the market, so you don’t have to.

Our North American colocation ecosystem includes 30+ data centers across 10 markets, providing the choice and flexibility to meet the most challenging enterprise technical, business, and commercial objectives.

Cologix provides the support that is essential to your infrastructure needs today and tomorrow.

Remote Hands

Engineers and technicians provide expert installation, diagnostics, troubleshooting and any other hands-on services you request.

Cologix Command -- DCIM

Industry-leading data center infrastructure management enabled by unprecedented visibility into all data center operations as well as real-time, historical and predictive data.

Managed Infrastructure

FlexInfrastructureSolutions services address key elements of your hybrid IT strategy to match services and resources with your operations and aspirations

Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Cologix’s FLEXOfficeRecovery provides furnished and connected disaster recovery seating for displaced teams, allowing your business to seamlessly continue operations when access to your usual workplace is interrupted for any reason.


Cabinets, cages, private pods, or full suites across our data center ecosystem, we build to fit your specific requirements—providing the expertise and flexibility to facilitate your data center goals.


All our data center facilities are equipped with UPS and generator backup. By providing you with a range of additional power redundancy options, you can balance costs and risk reduction.


Cologix’s data center ecosystem spans radically different climates, from Jacksonville to Montreal. As such, Cologix leverages redundant cooling solutions that are specific to the market/facility to enable a range of power densities, efficiency, and maximum reliability.


All our data centers are secured with layered access controls, access record retention, and CCTV. Customers with elevated security needs will find data centers with building and suite level manned security, badge and bio access, and anti-tailgating mantraps.

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