Connect to AWS Through Cologix

Cologix provides direct and dedicated access to the AWS cloud securely

8 AWS Direct Connect onramps

Direct, private connectivity to AWS from 50Mbps up to 10Gbps

Cologix is a certified Amazon Partner Network (APN) provider and a member of the AWS Service Delivery Program (SDP)

Amazon Web Services®
Direct Connect


Our AWS direct connect offers unique, private AWS cloud access from all Cologix facilities

Dedicated options in Ashburn, Columbus, Dallas, Minneapolis, Montréal, New Jersey, Toronto and Vancouver. Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect enables you to utilize a dedicated connection between your network from Cologix’s data centers. Our direct, private network fabric provides a secure, high-capacity and high-performance connection to AWS cloud services and solutions.

  • A single port establishes AWS Direct Connect links in minutes using our self-service portal
  • Ability to scale bandwidth up or down 
  • Secure, private connections when storing and retrieving data with AWS through a trusted AWS Partner Network
  • Improved performance through a consistent connection with AWS in a closely monitored, 100% uptime data center environment supporting 50Mbps – 10Gbps connection options
  • Support hybrid architectures to balance regularly used data between a private cloud and public AWS environment to accommodate specialized compliance, privacy, security and performance requirements
  • Create new connections or take down existing connections anytime 24x7x365

Redundant AWS Direct Connect by Cologix Access Marketplace 

Cologix + AWS 

Flexible connections, provisioned on demand, upgraded in real-time when you need it.

Cologix + AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts on-premises IT-as-a-service platform supports hybrid cloud, enabling users to host an environment like a public cloud.

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