Complete colocation bundle that enables interconnections to any CSP, ISP, carrier or another customer with a presence in a Cologix facility

Access to Cologix’s network-dense ecosystems to connect your businesses, customers, partners and providers within a shared, multitenant environment.

Interconnect to any CSP, ISP, carrier or customer in the Cologix facility

Including internet exchanges.

Access to the Cologix interconnection ecosystems

With a minimal deployment.

A complete bundle of space, power and connectivity

Supporting your connectivity needs.

Get space and support

Cologix technicians will install your switch, router or media converter and get you powered up and connected to any network or end-user within our facility

  • Rapid access to strategic interconnection hubs
  • Scalable cost model as connections build
  • Point of presence within a secure, stable environment
  • Redundant power supply
  • Access to customers, partners and providers within Cologix’s interconnection ecosystems

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