Cologix is proud to support six independent internet exchanges

Everyone wins with simple, direct peering inside our network-neutral digital edge data centers.

Six internet exchanges

Direct access to internet exchanges via Meet-Me-Rooms

The backbone of a vibrant telecom market

A robust Internet exchange is an essential ingredient to a vibrant telecommunications market

We are proud of our partnership with leading role models in the space

Cologix customers can access our expanding roster of independent internet exchanges in Columbus, Dallas, Minneapolis, Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver to supplement bilateral peering relationships. We have long believed that independent, open and member-run organizations provide the best model to build and sustain healthy exchange. We are proud of our partnership with leading role models in the space.


  • Improved user experience through reduced latency
  • Direct connection reduces chances for cyberattack
  • Reduce the cost per-megabit of transit on your network

Cologix hosts six internet exchanges within our data centers to provide customers direct access to them via Cologix Meet-Me-Rooms

QIX – Montréal Internet Exchange

Located in Cologix’s Montréal Data Center at 1250 Rene Levesque.

TORIX – Toronto Internet Exchange

Located in Cologix’s Toronto Data Center at 151 Front Street West.

VANIX – Vancouver Internet Exchange

Located in Cologix’s Vancouver Data Center at 1050 West Pender.

Ohio IX – Ohio Internet Exchange

Located in Cologix’s Columbus Data Center at 555 Scherers Court.

DE-CIX Dallas

Located in Cologix’s Dallas Infomart Data Center.

MICE – Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange

Located in Cologix’s Minneapolis Data Center at The 511 Building.

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