2341 Boulevard Alfred-Nobel, Montréal, Québec

Colocation in Montréal: MTL6 Data Center

Within easy access of the Montréal's Trudeau International Airport, Cologix offers secure Montréal data center and colocation services in our MTL6 facility, purpose-built for remote enterprise applications.

Cologix at Montréal’s Technoparc

Cologix continues to build on our 10+ year legacy in Montréal as the city’s oldest and first colocation provider, with the most carriers available across approximately 1 million SQFT of data center space.

With 11 data centers in the region, including Montréal’s primary carrier hotel, Cologix offers low latency, direct onramp connections to hyperscale cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft® Azure ExpressRoute and Oracle FastConnect as well as access to Cologix Access Marketplace. 

MTL6: Technical Specs


Located on the West side of Montréal at Montréal's Technoparc

Connected via Metro Connect to 10 additional Cologix Montréal data centers across the city

Easy access to the Montréal's Trudeau International Airport

Outside flood plain


10K SQFT of customizable, purpose-built, data center space

Ideal for remote enterprise applications

Custom cabinets and fractional cabinets available

Concrete and steel structure


Three uninterruptible power systems (UPS)

100 watts per SQFT. Higher-density configurations available

Primary (UPS), A+B (redundant UPS)

Single power entrance

Utility automatic transfer switch (ATS) on both feeds prior to the building entrance


Renewable, green hydroelectric power 

80kVA Powerware, 2 X 150kVA GE 

20-ton cooling capacity

Deionized non-corrosive ultrasonic humidifiers


Data center technical floor monitored 24/7

Keycard access

Customized security available for dedicated space

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) system

Fire Protection

Cross-zoned VESDA

Pre-action dry pipes


Neutral connectivity to 10 unique networks in onsite, Cologix controlled Meet-Me-Room (MMR)

Access to 100+ unique networks accessible in onsite MMR at MTL3 via Metro Connect to local Cologix data centers

Diverse building fiber entrance and riser facilities

Active 100 Mbps/1 Gbps and passive waves (DWDM) to other Cologix Montréal data centers via Metro Connect

Connectivity to the Montréal Internet Exchange


24/7 access to local engineers and support teams

Access to self-service online customer care portal

All environmental and power monitored 24/7 via Cologix Command DCIM

Customer alerts when nearing power capacity to ensure business continuity

24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) available by phone or email

Compliance & Certifications

PCI DSS Validation

PCI DSS applies to all entities, both service providers and merchants, that store, process, and/or transmit cardholder data.  PCI DSS evaluates a merchant’s or service provider’s controls to protect payment card data from unauthorized access or use. This includes a set of technical and operational controls, including physical security, and ongoing security operations to maintain a compliant security posture year-round

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