IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud

Connect to IBM Cloud, meet the growing demand for hybrid cloud

IBM Cloud has core Canadian network nodes deployed with our data centers in Toronto and Montreal. Connected by IBM Cloud’s private network, you’ll have a direct, high-speed on-ramp to an on-demand, high-performance solution, scalable in real time, without traversing the public Internet.

IBM Cloud provides the only completely integrated infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution in the industry.

With IBM Cloud Direct Link, you can create a secure, reliable connection directly to the IBM Cloud platform through a simple interconnection within our protected, redundant, enterprise-grade data center environment.

  • Dedicated servers, virtualized environments, and cloud solutions all operating together seamlessly
  • Private network access with less than 40ms of latency
  • Reduced total networking costs, optimized access, and improved speed through distinct public, private, and internal management network integration
  • Scalability, flexibility, and control built on a network of networks
  • IBM Cloud PoP with Cologix, featuring multiple 10Gbps connections to top-tier transit and peering network carriers
  • Up to 10 gigabits per second of bandwidth to individual servers
  • Automated IP routing and management plus unmetered inbound bandwidth
  • Private interconnection between enterprise colocation deployment and IBM Cloud PoP, or link IBM Cloud to on-premise infrastructure
  • Canadian Data Residency: workloads and data hosted in Canada
  • Modular architecture for leading control and performance
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