Five Ways Cologix Access Marketplace Can Help Your Business


Cologix Access Marketplace, a Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) exchange, enables customers to automatically connect with top cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect,Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, Oracle FastConnect® and IBM Direct Link 2.0, as well as carriers and networks within Cologix’s robust ecosystem. Cologix Access Marketplace is available in all 11 markets where Cologix operates its 40+ ScalelogixSM hyperscale edge and digital edge data centers.

Whether it’s quicker, more secure connections, wider customer outreach or more choices when it comes to bandwidth and connectivity, Cologix Access Marketplace has what businesses need to help solve their unique and specific IT challenges while offering features that traditional cloud connections and the internet cannot deliver.

Here are five ways Cologix Access Marketplace can help your business grow.

1. Real-time Provisioning

The 2020 Covid pandemic ramped up the need for faster connectivity and greater bandwidth as a large portion of the global workforce transitioned to a remote-work environment. At Cologix, we met that challenge by connecting virtual onramps to cloud providers through a Software-Defined Interconnection (SDI) fabric with automated, self-service management.

With Cologix Access Marketplace, customers no longer have to wait months, weeks or even hours for connectivity. Rather, within Cologix-owned interconnection hubs, customers can choose to connect to one or multiple cloud providers immediately through a portal that doesn’t lean on an unreliable and less secure public internet connection. Day or night, weekday, weekend or holiday, Cologix Access Marketplace enables connectivity as soon as you need it

2. Private Connectivity

Imagine heading to the grocery store, but instead of having to travel on the same congested roads as everyone else, your mode of transportation is a monorail designed solely for you, eliminating the risk of a traffic accident while speeding up your commute. When it comes to connectivity, Cologix Access Marketplace affords its customers the same degree of comfort.

Customers receive on-demand, private, secure connections to cloud service providers, network and carrier providers. Not only does this prevent you from exposing your data publicly, but less congestion leads to a speedier and more reliable connection

3. Scalability

At Cologix, we understand that no two businesses or industries are alike, and that customer needs vary from one month to another.

That is why Cologix Access Marketplace is designed to grow along with your business. Using a self-service portal, customers can add circuits and ports, assign and scale bandwidth and change providers as needed – all with the simple click of their mouse and without having to worry about the specifics of the switchers or routers involved. The flexibility provided by Cologix Access Marketplace enables users to extend their workloads and data to the top cloud and network providers whenever they need to.

4. Greater Outreach

The concept of the marketplace dates to ancient Greece, where vendors and customers could engage in a central location. Cologix Access Marketplace serves the same purpose for the digital landscape.

The SDI fabric opens a range of solutions beyond a private network and enables customers to connect with internet service providers (ISP), security services and Internet Exchanges (IX), as well as niche and hyperscale providers – all without adding cost. Customers can also add their logo and advertise their services in the Cologix Access Marketplace when setting up their dashboard, to drive new business.

5. Simplicity

With Cologix Access Marketplace, one port connects you to the world and helps you gain access to some of the top global cloud providers, whether it’s Amazon, Microsoft or Google. Cologix also offers up to 400% port allocation, where customers pay the price of a single port and receive up to four times the bandwidth.

Unlike other network and cloud exchanges, Cologix Access Marketplace doesn’t limit customer options. Rather, you have the choice of which providers to connect with and when you want to connect to them. And because you only pay for what you need to meet your businesses’ specific challenges on-demand, Cologix Access Marketplace makes billing and cost management easier. If you don’t need it, you don’t buy it and you can always add it later.  

To learn more about how Cologix Access Marketplace can help your business, watch the demo video below and reach out to us today.


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