The Cologix Commitment to ESG Excellence


Last week’s United Nations report on the impact of global warming makes unpleasant reading. As a civilization we have a collective responsibility to modify our behaviors and make the right investments to slow down and hopefully reverse our current trajectory.

At Cologix, we want to accelerate our path towards carbon neutrality. But achieving this goal is going to require direct support from our investors, customers, suppliers and employees. This month we issued our first-ever ESG report as a first step in raising the profile of our environmental impact and existing efforts to reduce them, as well as in highlighting our core beliefs and values that underpin our strategy in social responsibility and how we govern the company.


Here is a look at what we’ve achieved and where Cologix sits currently in our efforts of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and company governance.


  • Almost 50% of all energy used is renewable
  • Over 50 energy efficiency projects completed in 2020


  • Zero lost time due to injuries in 2020
  • A focus on a safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive culture


  • Over 60% female leadership team
  • 100% of facilities are SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPPA and PCI Compliant
  • Achieved ISO 27001 certification

Looking Ahead

Our next step is to establish specific goals that our stakeholders will support, fund, and hold us accountable for delivering. As a team, we are ambitious and we would like to lead the industry across all aspects of E, S and G, so as we set our goals we will be clear in what the impacts of achieving them will be on all of our stakeholders. Achieving Carbon Neutrality may require some new ways of thinking about colocation and networks, and we want to help lead that thinking.

We have already been reducing our environmental footprint rapidly over the past few years. The vast majority of our data center expansion has occurred in markets where we can provide access to 100% renewable energy, markets like Montreal, Vancouver and Silicon Valley.

We have also been driving our data center efficiency higher and our consumption of natural resources lower. But our goal is to develop and design the next generation of data centers that are natively carbon neutral, which means:

  • Consuming only 100% renewable energy
  • Installing alternatives to hydrocarbon fuel-based generators
  • Taking full advantage of every new technology being developed to convert all heat generated by our data centers into consumable energy
  • Prioritizing opportunities to use geothermal energy for data center cooling

Later this year we will publish our long-term ESG goals and outline our action plans for achieving them. In accordance with our commitment to transparency, we will keep our customers, employees and stakeholders informed and engaged along the way. Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for updates on our ESG road map.


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