Software Defines How Service Providers Grow at the Edge


Virtualization helps enterprises to build and scale their digital infrastructures

Across private and public industries, people have quickly recognized how important communications infrastructure is to keeping goods and services available. Our digital infrastructure is built upon the backbone of the internet, a connected mesh of telco fiber, and interconnection hubs at data centers. This foundation allows organizations to connect to clouds, service providers and data, enabling innovation, communication and business resiliency.

Pandemic Accelerates Cloud Strategies

In the first half of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation efforts as demand for communications and connectivity soared. This upward trajectory is driven by the need to move workloads to the cloud, support remote employees with software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools as well as digital human interactions, online entertainment and connectivity. It’s full steam ahead for cloud journeys with 75% of midsize and large organizations planning to adopt a hybrid IT strategy by 2021, according to Gartner.

As a result, demand for cloud access with network connectivity options will continue to grow to support our “new normal.” Connectivity is not a one-size-fits-all capacity, workload and critical application equation. IT leaders seek customized options to meet business requirements. Key components to support digital transformations include on-demand services, remote monitoring, private access to hyperscale cloud onramps and other new services to support successful cloud migrations and move services to the edge efficiently and quickly.

5G Digital Transformation

Pre-COVID-19, telecom providers had been embarking on digital transformations to build 5G network infrastructures. Known as the fifth generation technology, 5G combines traditional cell towers to serve wide areas and small cell-based stations for edge commuting. With 5G, networks become virtualized, running on software. During the pandemic, telecom providers had to pivot to meet surging demand to spin up services for data, content, voice, video, media and more to help customers reach remote employees at the digital edge. Network updates continue to support 5G.

In these uncertain times, speed and agility is important to spin up and down services for computing, storage and capacity to maintain business continuity. Cloud migrations are often complex and IT leaders fear issues around quality, visibility, compliance, security risks and an overall lack of control of their IT infrastructures.

With changing market dynamics and rapid digital innovations, onsite networks have become costly, time intensive and less adaptable to keep pace. Carriers play a critical role in helping organizations to design and future-proof their IT infrastructures.

Wondering how telecom providers can differentiate their offering, improve customers experiences and reach new customers during the pandemic?

Here are 3 things to consider:

  1. SD-WAN allows businesses to reach employees securely. Many telco companies offer SD-WAN services today with secure, efficient, cost-effective access to the cloud to reach and scale services through virtualization.
  2. Software-defined interconnection (SDI) allows businesses to be agile to meet changes in demand. As companies migrate to the cloud, SDI allows provisioning in minutes with better speeds and control to improve customers’ experiences, bypassing the public internet with private, direct connectivity to hyperscale clouds.
  3. Reach new customers with a data center partner and a rich ecosystem to market and build your business. Some data center companies offer a marketplace to promote and directly reach out potential customers. This is a great way to build brand awareness and promote current and new services to an active digital business community. For customers, it’s an easy, searchable one-stop shop tool to find solutions and services from trusted businesses.

Cologix offers network service providers free access to promote their business and services in Cologix Access Marketplace.

How Cologix Access Marketplace Works

Cologix offers best-in-class software to automate how enterprises interconnect to hyperscalers directly, securely and dynamically. Customers can provision end-to-end Layer-2 circuits to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on demand through our customer portal. Customers can provision virtual circuits via one or more physical ports to their choice of the top CSPs.

With 25 separate North American cloud service providers (CSPs) onramps to access from the Cologix Access Marketplace today and more on the horizon, Cloudscene recently ranked Cologix’s 4th on the North American Connectivity and Data Center Leaderboard. From our 25 separate North American CSP onramps, Cologix offers bandwidth options ranging from 50Mbps to 10Gbps to meet your business objectives.

New & Expanded Features

Cologix expanded its Access Marketplace, allowing carriers to create a custom profile, free of charge, to promote services and drive revenue in a virtual interconnection ecosystem. It’s simple. List your company, sales contact and areas of services. Then begin promoting services right away. Sign up through our customer portal.

New Virtual Marketplace

Cologix’s new Marketplace connects potential partners, customers and suppliers to its vibrant ecosystem. Now companies have access to reach new customers, offer new services, find new partners and connect to others members to reduce costs, improve performance, deploy new service quickly and generate new leads for new revenue.

To learn more about Cologix Access Marketplace, visit cologix.com, or reach out to one of our solution experts at sales@cologix.com.

Or, catch up with our other SDN post where we discussed how automation helps companies to manage their hybrid cloud strategies.

We’re here to help you connect and grow.


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