Enterprise customers of all sizes, from large international companies to small local organizations, trust Cologix with their mission-critical infrastructure, data, and applications.

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Cologix Benefits for Enterprises

Network Accessibility Network Accessibility

Network Accessibility

Cologix Meet-Me-Rooms provide unparalleled access to 450+ regional and national networks. No one else gives you this level of interconnection options and keeps you from getting locked-in to expensive network contracts.

Cloud Accessibility Cloud Accessibility

Cloud Accessibility

200+ cloud service providers and low latency private connections to public cloud providers enable enterprises across the Cologix ecosystem to future-proof their IT decisions by leveraging hybrid cloud solutions. Cologix customers know that changing cloud services is just a cross-connect away.

Safety and Security Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Emerging markets provide a unique advantage by removing some of the risks from natural disasters and offering a safer location for primary servers or secondary disaster recovery sites. We help you protect your valuable information assets in our ultra-secure, highly redundant data centers, and business continuity facilities.

Control & Scalability Control & Scalability

Control & Scalability

Cologix allows you to maintain control over your IT infrastructure, reconfigure and scale your IT footprint as needed, including changing networks and cloud service providers anytime you want.

Local Service Local Service

Local Service

Cologix helps make the transition to a local colocation center easy, safe and affordable. You will always have 24/7 access to specialists on the ground who are focused on your servers and your success.

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