Managed Firewall

Multiple levels of intrusion detection and prevention security, protecting infrastructure from threats like hackers, malware and cyber thieves

FLEXSecurity Managed Firewall provides customers with dedicated and managed firewalls securely hosted in Cologix data centers that are designed to provide multiple layers of security from entry level border protection to advanced deep packet inspection intrusion detection with URL and web filtering. Additionally, customers leverage FLEXBridge to connect firewalls to the internet and/or internal network infrastructure within our secure data centers. All inbound data traffic flows to a firewall(s), filtering traffic based on specified requirements. Unwanted traffic is blocked and eliminated.


With Cologix’s FLEXSecurity Managed Firewall service customers can take comfort in knowing our team of experts are overseeing network security 24×7 and backed by a 100% uptime SLA. With advanced cyber threat prevention tools, our experts have the relevant technical tools and skills to configure, maintain and mitigate network security related issues to protect valuable business data assets.


Managed Firewall


Benefits of FlexSecurity Managed Firewall

  • Fully managed by Cologix. Setup, testing, upgrades, patches and ongoing maintenance of the physical hardware are included to ensure that security policies and configurations are current
  • The Firewall is specific to customer infrastructure and is not shared by others so there are no security compromises
  • Multi‐layered defense featuring entry-level border intrusion prevention, deep packet inspection intrusion detection and advanced screening and filtering for URL, web, email and spam viruses
  • Connected to the internet and/or a private environment within the data center with VPN availability for Remote Access
  • Housed in secure Cologix data centers so there’s no hardware or software required within customer environments
  • Easily integrates with all Cologix FLEXInfrastructureSolutions, including FLEXServer, FLEXVServer and FLEXVirtualDC within the data center environment
  • Variable sizes and redundant configurations available

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