Why You Need a Network Neutral Solution


When looking at a colocation center, you have one of two options: carrier neutral or carrier specific. At the most basic level, a carrier specific data center offers access to one network while a carrier neutral data center gives you access to a variety of networks.

But when selecting a colocation center or network service provider, you want flexibility and transparency. You don’t want to be pigeon-holed into a solution with one carrier or one option for connectivity; It can lead down a road of high prices, limited bandwidth and inability to change.

Instead, you want a data center that is network-neutral – allowing interconnection between a multitude of carriers. At these facilities, there is no allegiance to one provider. That way, you have options and diversity when it comes to interconnectivity services and can find a solution that’s catered to your specific needs.

Not All Networks Are Created Equal

Carriers and network providers may seem similar on the surface, but each provider offers its own suite of services and features. To get the most efficient and effective system for your business, you need to compare and which will give you the best value. Decide what you want – and need – out of a network service provider and then find the one that best fits your company’s criteria and workflow.

The good news is that you don’t have to decide who to utilize for connectivity right away. As long as your data is in a carrier-neutral colocation facility, you can take your time choosing a provider to partner with. Being in a neutral data center enables you to choose a solution that meets your unique needs and keeps you in control of your data, instead of being told what you can and cannot do.

Network-Neutral Benefits

You rely on your data and need access to critical information 24/7. But if you only have access to one network provider and something goes wrong, you’re put in a risky situation. It’s best to have access to at least two carriers so you can rely on another network for connectivity and support.

One big perk is portability. If you’re unsatisfied or ready to move on from a carrier, you’ll have your fair share of alternatives without having to move your servers again. Because you aren’t committed to one provider, you can make a change without investing extra time or resources and ensure business operations continue to run smoothly.

Choosing your own carrier in a neutral data center will likely be a more cost-effective option. Think about it: The greater number of competitors causes a drive down in prices. That means you’ll receive a cost-effective option without a sacrifice in quality. A colocation provider like Cologix will help you asses your options and find the right provider that fits your budget.

Be empowered by this choice and embrace the flexibility. Provider-neutrality is key to a successful cloud strategy as business needs, requirements and plans constantly change. It’s especially important as data security regulations like GDPR and SEC Rule 17a-4 come into the spotlight. Your business needs a secure system.

Cologix is a network-neutral provider, which means you can connect with whoever you want. With our Cloud Connect solution, our clients can access every provider – more than 250 of them – on our platform with a simple connection from any data center.


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