Software Defined Networking Makes Cloud Environments Easier to Manage


Making the Cloud Easier: Using software defined networking to respond to changing business needs.

Cloud computing is changing the way enterprises manage workloads, run applications and reach customers. When connecting to the cloud, businesses have two options—over public internet or via private, dedicated circuits. Public internet connections work well in some instances, however, may not be reliable, fast, or secure enough to support mission-critical business applications.

Seamless, direct connectivity to the cloud helps businesses to move, manage and deploy IT infrastructures, applications and services to web-based environments. With private, direct connections to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), IT operators can extend on premise operations of business applications and services with more confidence. Direct connections consistently deliver better performance at a lower cost.

In recent years, software automation has improved how data centers operate and offer a new level of flexibility, simplicity and convenience with virtual cross connects to CSPs. In the past, enterprises requested bandwidth and connectivity changes to data center operators, which then required some hands-on time to make adjustments physically in interconnection hubs.

Connecting to the cloud

Software-defined networking (SDN) is changing the game. With SDN, enterprise IT teams can respond to changing business needs in real time seamlessly. With an automated, self-service portal for on-demand interconnection to CSPs, SDN solutions support distributed application environments and help IT operators scale services up and down based on business needs.

For example, online retailers often have seasonal demand with spikes in traffic and do not want to jeopardize the customer experience with low latency. SDN allows IT operators to make capacity changes without human intervention to maintain and expand their cloud usage in response to changing or cyclical requirements.

Enterprise IT in the driver’s seat for cloud infrastructures

Hybrid or multicloud IT models with an SDN exchange provider puts control back into the hands of enterprise IT operators. Beginning with a single physical port, these exchanges provide cloud on-ramps, offering private, secure, and cost-effective connectivity to preferred CSPs. For those who need additional data protection and redundancy assurances, such connections can be split across two ports on separate equipment, then routed along two diverse circuits, which is always recommended.

Flexible, scalable, real-time provisioning at high speed from one of these centralized control portals or APIs allows enterprise IT to be far more efficient, responsive, agile and cost effective.

If you want to learn more about Cologix’s new automated SDN solution for Layer 1 and 2 and how we can help you manage your cloud infrastructure, read our press release, visit cologix.com, or reach out to one of our solution experts at sales@cologix.com.


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