Investing in the Future of Cologix Customers


As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, what strikes me most is how completely Cologix’s TRUST framework impacts all aspects of our business.

Our TRUST framework is not just a focus for team culture. From our sales and unconventional leadership to mentoring women and company culture as a driver of success, the TRUST framework effects how we engage, communicate and lead. But it is even more impactful than that. It is also a key influence in how we plan and run our business. It defines the values that we demonstrate every day, driving us to deliver our core strategy to our customers at the highest level. As a business, we are an interconnection-focused colocation provider. But our customers are drawn to us because our value proposition is based upon meeting present and future needs and an unwavering commitment to them, which is founded upon our TRUST framework. Over the last 10 years, we have grown to support the needs of our customers in the following ways:

  • Acquired or built 39 data centers in 11 markets, to be where our customers need to be
  • Provide Cologix-controlled Meet-Me-Rooms in seven of our 11 markets to enable our customers to connect efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Offer 29 public cloud onramps to power our customers cloud strategies

We have a highly connected presence in each of our 11 markets across North America. In addition, our data centers are connected to each other, which creates a campus effect, enabling us to provide our customers with a variety of unique space, power and interconnection products and services to support their use cases as they leverage the cloud in new ways to accelerate their businesses.


The recent acquisitions of VAN4 and SV1 are excellent examples of investments to serve our customers’ goals. These targeted investments fit our customer-focused strategy of highly interconnected campuses, allowing us to offer our customers additional connection options in new and existing geographies to support their growth.

SV1 is in an attractive market – Silicon Valley is one of the most innovative software markets in the world. We not only bought a data center in this important interconnection market to meet our customers’ current needs we also purchased additional land on which we can build a new facility that can hold up to 20MW to supplement our customers’ ongoing requirements and provide a future solution for customers that are looking for larger deployments.

The recently announced acquisition of the VAN4 facility will provide us with an additional 4MW of capacity in highly sought-after downtown Vancouver. With Vancouver ranked as one of the best places to launch a startup, the expanded space will give new and existing customers opportunities to enhance their network and to access onramps to connect to other service providers.

Over the last several years, based upon our knowledge of our customers’ needs, we have also built a land bank in many of our markets. Our land bank, an inventory of undeveloped land that we own, enables us to build data centers to meet increasing demand for cloud connectivity and interconnection in the markets where it is needed. We are actively building new sites today to meet the prerequisites of our diverse customer base, offering both build-to-suit options for our larger customers as well as purpose-built cabinets, cages, and suites to meet the immediate needs of other customers.


Across our platform, we have invested in Meet-Me-Rooms and onramps to provide the direct connections and access to public cloud that our customers and ecosystem require to maintain their business advantages. As the cloud ecosystem has evolved, the number of use cases for the public cloud has grown dramatically. We continue to support customers in new ways by providing even more connectivity and cloud access. This in turn has allowed us to expand the ways in which we interact and work with our customers. By providing comprehensive interconnection solutions, we were able to grow Cologix’s revenue by more than 20% in 2020.

The Next 10 Years

Over the next 10 years, we will see the continued proliferation of cloud edge use cases. These use cases will require more space, power, and interconnection, and Cologix is well-positioned to meet this growth. In the near term, the public cloud onramps will continue to drive growth in the data center and cloud industry. Additionally, we are in the early innings of 5G deployments as well as AI and IoT use cases, and I predict that these areas of transformation will impact significantly how we deliver services and cloud to our customers. Ten years ago, few would have imagined our current state of accelerated cloud growth.

As Cologix continues to grow to meet the needs of our customers, we will remain committed to our TRUST values. We know that through this commitment we will drive success for our customers as well as for all our stakeholders.


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