Cologix: 10 Years of Culture Driven Success


Cologix is embarking on a year-long celebration of our 10th Anniversary, which we commemorated in December 2020.

The past 10 years have seen sustained growth for Cologix across the board. While the past year was challenging, it reinforced just how strong the Cologix culture is. We’ve proven, as a culture-driven organization, that we are resilient and can not only survive but thrive. And that’s cause for celebration.

A Culture Based First and Foremost on the Employee

It is no coincidence that Cologix has been able to position itself as a leader in the industry during its first 10 years of business. Driving double-digit revenue growth the last several years, we believe our culture, lived by our leadership and fully embraced by employees, has been the key driver. As we look toward our next 10 years, we know our leadership must continue to inspire trust and respect in the organization. Here’s our plan:


For the past 10 years, Cologix’s employees have overseen a network comprised of over 30 data centers spread across 10 strategic North American markets. The dynamic of being a coast-to-coast organization means our leaders are skilled at directing geographically dispersed teams. The challenge of remote, decentralized teams is something that requires increased and clear communication, and our teams have excelled at mastering this.  While the teams’ social interactions were reduced in 2020 with everyone working from home, it just meant we needed to work a bit harder and innovate to ensure communication and collaboration – between both employees and teams. This translated into more frequent one-on-one meetings, biweekly company-wide all hands meetings and increased opportunities for feedback between managers and employees.

Inspiring Fun

For most of us, work takes up most of our active time. I’ve found that purposefully instilling a culture of engagement and celebration within the team has gone a long way to boosting morale and staying connected.

Cologix has implemented many initiatives to maintain and increase the collaboration and motivation of its employees. From themed team meetings and holiday focused challenges – ugly sweater contest, Super Bowl picks, and virtual karaoke, to name a few- to virtual book clubs and virtual coffee, companywide scavenger hunt competitions, and team family feud tournaments, we’ve purposefully facilitated opportunities for engagement, competition and fun.

Truly, the implementation of a culture of ownership, connections and fun across all employees and teams has allowed Cologix to remain strong over the past 10 years – and has ensured we will thrive in the next 10.

Valuing Individuals

As a leader, you strive to create an environment and a culture where employees feel respected, are empowered and can make a difference for our customers, our partners and our organization. A platform where they can give their best every day at work, leveraging their skills and talents, and feel appreciated and valued for their efforts. Developing this kind of environment requires building a foundation of trust amongst all employees, recognizing their contributions, and above all, being inclusive of all team members.

At Cologix, everyone in the organization plays a key role in the company’s success. It is a true collective performance that transcends all our teams. So it’s important to understand what motivates your employees and provides them with opportunities to advance their careers. At Cologix, we have developed an employee recognition program that encourages everyone to recognize and give appreciation for each other, for large and small things. I believe that these kinds of programs and this kind of environment creates a powerful, positive culture that is self-fulfilling.

Over the last 10-year journey, one of our top priorities has been our people, and more than ever, we are seeing the concrete benefits of this philosophy. It is this culture – one which values the employee and the team – that makes Cologix a fun, safe, and rewarding place to work.

The Importance of Culture in the Next 10 Years

For the next decade, in a context where organizations have recently undergone their biggest transformation ever, I predict that organizational culture will be even more crucial for the success of a company.

At Cologix, I see our culture strengthening as we continue to grow the organization and our customers and partners. As our values positively influence our decisions and actions every day, we believe this will foster increasing employee satisfaction, positive customer experience, and ongoing corporate success.


The Cologix team motto is “Together we win.” For us, this is not just an inspiring quote – it is a way of living, of thriving. It means that we all help each other out. It means that we succeed together and recognize each other’s great work. It means that every day we deliver excellence to our clients as one team. It means we win as a team and learn as a team. Finally, it means that we represent and live the value “Together we win” every day, with each other and with our customers.


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