Five Reasons to Include Cologix in Your Disaster Recovery Plan


If you don’t have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place, your company may be running on borrowed time. Natural disasters have never posed a greater threat than they do today – the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported 20 different weather and climate events that resulted in at least $1 billion in damage in 2021.

At Cologix, we understand there is more to being a top-tier data center provider than offering just a robust ecosystem. That is why one of the many benefits we provide Cologix customers is secure, reliable business continuity and data recovery solutions at these select, strategically located data centers:

These data centers offer remote space for your IT team in the event of a disaster or other incident, allowing your employees to keep your infrastructure running regardless of the elements or whether your main headquarters are inoperable.

Here are five benefits Cologix can offer your BCDR relief plan:

1. Location

Our BCDR data centers were constructed with geography in mind, and each was built to handle the elements of their environment. All five of these data centers are located outside of what the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) considers a floodplain, which means they are outside of areas that can be impacted by a flood. These centers also have a history of being able to withstand some of the roughest weather on record. In 2012, our NNJ4 data center remained intact and operational despite the historic damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.  Our LAK1 data center, which can withstand a Category 5 hurricane (winds greater than 157 mph), never lost power as Hurricane Ian swept through Florida in September 2022.

JEA, the largest community-owned utility company in Florida, moved its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) into our JAX2 location because of the data center’s ability to survive a Category 5 storm. Both of our Jacksonville data centers also remained operable when the city sustained historic flooding from Hurricane Irma in 2017.

2. Power

At Cologix, we know what it takes to power your organization in our data centers to ensure continuous operations. Our data centers feature more than just the wattage required to run your infrastructure – they are also equipped with generators, backups and multiple entrances and utility feeds.

Our SV1 facility, for example, features 13MW of generator backup power and 9MW of utility power on dual feeds, as well as a multitude of connectivity options to meet your needs.

Cologix data centers have redundant power and 99.999% service level agreements that will keep your systems running and your data intact.

3. Reliability

You need someone you can call on during a time of crisis, which is why Cologix provides layers of support inside our data centers.

We offer 24/7 access to a Network Operations Center (NOC) at most of our data centers, and Cologix also monitors each center’s power and environment to make sure working conditions remain optimal. Access to our Remote Hands services, local engineers and live support teams is also available.

We also provide strong security at our data centers, with customized options available, to protect your infrastructure and your employees when they’re entering, exiting, or in some cases, sleeping inside our facilities.

4. Comfort

Change isn’t always easy, especially when it comes quickly during a hurricane, flood or power outage. But our BCDR centers feature amenities to help your employees feel as comfortable as possible.

Whether it’s suites, seats or conference rooms, our BCDR centers provide your team with a spacious and inviting place to work. And some of these centers feature showers, breakrooms and a kitchen, so your employees can feel at home no matter where they’re working.

5. Accessibility

Traveling can be difficult before – and especially during – a weather event or another emergency. Cologix kept that in mind when constructing these BCDR data centers, which is why all five are located near international airports and can be easily accessed via major interstates and thoroughfares.

These locations help make travel as easy as possible for members of your team, allowing them to change locations quickly and reach our BCDR data centers as easy as possible.

We hope your business rarely needs to navigate through a disaster, natural or otherwise. At Cologix, however, we believe in being prepared for anything, which is why we offer our clients BCDR solutions.

To learn about Cologix and our BCDR data centers, download our product sheet or contact our team today.


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