Why Customers Trust Cologix’s Florida Data Centers During Severe Weather Events


At Cologix, the long-term success of our customers is the top priority during the design, build and operation of our 40+ data centers. This is especially true for our Florida data centers – JAX1JAX2 and LAK1 – that are prone to severe weather events, especially during hurricane season, which began June 1.

Our Florida data centers are not only strategically located and equipped to handle the worst Mother Nature throws their way, but they are staffed with experienced, committed Cologix professionals who treat a customer’s infrastructure and our data centers as if they were their own. That is why Cologix’s data centers offer a 99.999% uptime, and 2,000+ customers trust us to protect their IT infrastructure.

Strategic locations

Whether we’re building or acquiring a data center, Cologix researches the property thoroughly to make sure the infrastructure is already in place or can be upgraded to our specifications. One of the most important qualities, however, is the structure’s physical location.

When Cologix bought LAK1, located at 2850 Interstate Drive in Lakeland, in 2014, it wasn’t just because the facility was in the middle of what’s known as Florida’s High Tech Corridor. Sitting at the highest point in Florida – 20 stories, or 197 feet above sea level – LAK1 is located outside of what the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) considers a floodplain and is renowned for being one of the safest data centers in the state. During Hurricane Ian, a large and disruptive hurricane that blew through Florida in September 2022, LAK1 never lost power and remained intact.

LAK1, in addition, is one of five Cologix data centers that provide business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) services. These facilities offer remote space for our customers’ IT teams if a disaster or other incident renders their business headquarters inoperable.

JAX1, located inside the carrier hotel at 421 W. Church St., and JAX2, at 4800 Spring Park Road, sit outside the floodplain and continued to serve customers without disruption when Jacksonville was hit with massive flooding during Hurricane Irma in 2017. JAX2 also offers BCDR services.

Cologix’s commitment to providing data centers in secure locations isn’t exclusive to Florida – for example, NNJ4 in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey is located above FEMA’s 500-year floodplain and remained up and running throughout Superstorm Sandy, which battered the Northeast in 2012.

Solid infrastructure

Cologix goes to great lengths to ensure our data centers are built and managed to mitigate environmental risks, which is why our Florida locations are Category 5 hurricane-rated buildings that can withstand winds at 157 mph or stronger.

After purchasing our JAX1 data center in 2013, we worked with a structural engineer to complete a $7 million renovation that included upgrading the entire infrastructure and bringing in a pair of 1MW generators configured 2N. JAX1 is also equipped with a curtain wall that shields it against heavy wind and rain.

JAX2 is located outside the 100- and 500-year floodplains. It has reinforced walls, dropdown steel door barriers and honeycomb steel window screens that can stop a projectile at 200 mph. JAX2 is safeguarded so securely against severe weather that it houses the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for JEA, Florida’s largest community-owned utility company.

LAK1, which Cologix acquired a year after it was built, has a roof rated to sustain winds of more than 170 miles per hour. Not only is it located at the highest point in Florida, but the data center is a building within a building shell, which acts as another layer of protection and prevents wind, rain and other elements from breaching the data center.

These facilities’ generators and redundancies keep your infrastructure running, enabling Cologix to deliver superior levels of customer service and support no matter the conditions.

Expert personnel

Cologix employs experienced staff at our data centers that have been trained in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and mechanical systems. Our onsite professionals have their Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) and Certified Data Centre Professional certifications. They know how to take care of our customers’ infrastructure and address their specific IT challenges.

Our staff regularly tests our equipment, ensuring our generators can handle Florida’s thick humidity and high temperatures, and regularly runs through worst-case scenarios and how to respond. In addition to earning their professional and technical certifications, our data center employees are intimately familiar with the environments inside and outside the facility. They are fully aware of the possibility of inclement weather and have the expertise to effectively prepare and work through such conditions.

When rough weather is on the way, Cologix gives employees the time they need to safeguard their families and homes. Knowing their loved ones are out of harm’s way enables Cologix staff to focus solely on the maintenance and protection of our data centers – and most importantly, your digital infrastructure.

Partnering with Cologix means you don’t have to worry about colocating in Florida or other areas vulnerable to extreme weather. When storms hit, customers rely on our physical infrastructure and expertise, allowing them to focus on the growth of their business. Schedule a tour of one of our 40+ data centers or contact us to learn why 2,000+ customers trust Cologix.


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