Cologix Celebrates our Denver Grand Opening

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After months of anticipation, curiosity and vetting scissors of all sorts, Cologix opened its new office in downtown Denver, Colorado on Tuesday morning.Overlooking the McGregor Square entertainment complex and located less than half a mile from Union Station, the new office boasts a plethora of workstations, meeting rooms and other features that enable the collaborative spirit and team-centric approach that are at the core of Cologix.

Here are some highlights from a memorable and long-awaited day:


8 a.m. – Veronica, our executive assistant and human resources coordinator, ensured our Denver and extended team received a warm welcome, complete with the Cologix colors, as soon as they walked in the office. Veronica is one of many Cologix team members who made Tuesday such a success.

9 a.m.– The Denver team came together in one of the office’s large conference rooms – Cologix team members from outside the area joined virtually – where Laura Ortman, our co-president and chief revenue officer, and Dawn Smith, our co-president and chief operating officer, addressed the company.

“We’ve had a lot of hugs this morning. A lot of hugs,” Laura said before thanking a litany of Cologix employees, including the company’s Culture Club. “This office is really a representation of all of your hard work.”

“The new Cologix office in Denver is beautiful! The open office set-up is excellent for collaboration, balanced with plenty of conference and meeting rooms for groups to gather.”

Jess Crain, senior director, customer success and revenue strategy Tweet

9:30 a.m. – After putting numerous pairs of scissors through a rigorous series of tests, Laura and Dawn found the right ones – “We tested them and they work,” Dawn said – and with the rest of the team cheering them on, cut the blue ribbon. Denver was open for business.

“This is a central place to meet – for my teams and for meetings with vendors and strategic partners. We should be able to meet to kickoff major projects, meet with vendors/partners/customers, and generally just have real space to work face-to-face when the initiative requires it.”

Neil Elinski, general manager, cloud and connectivity platforms Tweet

10 a.m. – After engaging in two hotly contested games of Cologix-centric Bingo, employees were given a tour by Kota Miller, our front office coordinator. Virtual attendees watched a video Kota co-produced.

Whether they were in person or watching from hundreds of miles away, those on the tour could see the Denver office was built to foster teamwork. The environment is open and spacious – employees aren’t stuffed inside cubicles, clustered in corners or hidden behind temporary walls.  People are right there when you need them, whether you’re looking for a question to be answered on deadline or if you feel like sharing a great dad joke.

For teams wanting to come together, there are a handful of glass-enclosed meeting rooms – most of which are named for Denver sports franchises such as the Broncos, Rockies and Avalanche. The Broncos conference room leads into a spacious break room that overlooks McGregor Square. On Tuesday, the room was full of drinks and snacks and mingling team members. The lunchroom is already the office hangout where employees can enjoy a bite to eat and chat with a colleague or two about an upcoming project or last night’s Rockies’ game played literally feet away at Coors Field.

TRUST wall_GO5

10:30 a.m. – The tour’s last stop was the TRUST wall. TRUST is an anacronym – Talented teams empowered to make impactful choices, Respect for one another, Unwavering commitment to customers, Success achieved through accountability and results, Together we win. It is the foundation that guides our decisions every day and is a big part of our culture. The TRUST graphic is displayed like a mural in a hallway – a hallway Cologix employees pass through many times each day. The TRUST wall is an inspiring sight, and on Tuesday, employees stopped to marvel at its size and unique look.

“One thing that is VERY clear is that connection to others in the company. It is great to connect with people on an in-person basis.”

Ginger Padilla, senior billing manager Tweet

Our Denver office may have just opened, but our team members there are already seeing the positive impact it will have on teamwork, collaboration and the relationships we build with customers.

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