The Power of Choice: Network & Cloud Neutral Data Centers


Why Neutral Network & Cloud Choice in a Data Center Are Vital to Your Business

Network and cloud neutrality is a priority when considering your colocation options.

Don’t be limited to a small set of solutions or corralled by the data center providers’ managed services, cloud, and other non-neutral options. A network and cloud neutral facility approaches its ecosystem in an agnostic manner, leaving the ultimate choice to you, and a considerable advantage for your forward-looking enterprise.

Neutrality presents enterprise businesses with the strategic value of a free market. Robust competition among networks and cloud providers ultimately drives down costs and drives up quality as vendors seek to differentiate their services. Smaller companies with a presence in a carrier-neutral facility secure the same buying power traditionally reserved for the most prominent companies and gain flexibility for the future.

Benefits of Colocating

Colocating in a network and cloud neutral data center provides many benefits:

  • Network Choice: access to a robust ecosystem of high-performance, high-reliability networks
  • Cloud Choice: access to a robust ecosystem of public, private, and hybrid cloud providers
  • Scalability: support rapid growth, and data storage requirements
  • Security: ensure business-critical data is secure
  • Low Risk: simple to deploy, immediate benefits
  • Low Cost: avoid high CapEx and reduce OpEx
  • Reliability: redundant, state-of-the-art infrastructure design

Why Colocation?

Colocation provides “unbundling” benefits, decoupling each provider’s toolsets and allowing you to create an amalgamation that produces a best-in-class solution for your unique, real-world need—enabling more flexibility than a standard, mainstream bundle package. Colocation also reduces switching costs. It’s easier to disconnect and connect to a new cloud or network provider within a colocation environment with the direct, wide-ranging access the data center affords.

Cloud adoption continues to drive outsourcing to third-party data centers. It’s no wonder that customers are attracted to cloud adoption within a colocation environment due to the choice, security, performance, cost-savings, and scale it offers. Principal benefits include:

  • Connecting to the cloud within a colocation facility provides choice and savings, but also the flexibility to determine how you connect to cloud providers (via preferred network partners, or directly to the cloud provider). You ultimately control how your data travels. You strike the balance between public, private, and hybrid cloud environments—adding network, space, and power capacity as needed. Infrastructure adjustments accommodate your growing data demands.
  • Colocating your infrastructure naturally improves cloud and network performance, primarily due to the five nines (i.e., the high-availability of today’s data center environment. As Fortune 500 companies turn to colocation, you can bet the data center infrastructure behind their deployments is built to withstand anything—from power outages to hurricane forces. They also gain disaster recovery and business continuity advantages through geographic diversity.
  • Don’t take risks with the public Internet. Instead, directly connect to cloud providers through physical interconnection within a data center facility. This direct link reduces the distance data travels, decreasing latency while improving IT performance and stability.
  • You want to get to the edge! Colocating in a data center environment near your end-users brings processing power directly to the data source, further optimizing performance and security.

Access to best-in-class network and cloud providers for your business significantly reduces cost, reduces risk, and improves service overall. Choice leads to fairness in pricing, and innovation for all customers, no matter the company size. Leveraging data center infrastructure by colocating in a network and cloud neutral facility provides long-term security, performance, cost-savings, and scale beyond the limitations of other solutions.

For more detail on how colocation with Cologix can help, visit cologix.com or email sales@cologix.com.


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