Celebrating the Launch of Cologix Women’s Connection Network on International Women’s Day


The first International Women’s Day was honored in Denmark in 1911 and was focused on the right for women to work in countries across Europe.

Over 100 years later, incredible progress has been made to diminish inequality for women and build workplaces where women thrive.

Still, inequality persists in many industries and companies around the world. Technology is no exception. There has been significant investment in educating women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), but the companies who employ these talented women must continue to invest in change and evolution as well. Consider these staggering statistics:

  • Global technology firms average just 33% female representation in their workforces
  • 48% of women in STEM jobs report discrimination in recruitment and hiring processes
  • 39% of women believe gender bias is a primary reason they were not promoted in their companies
  • 66% of women don’t see a path forward in their careers in their current companies

For these reasons and many others, Cologix knows we must invest in the women who work with us today and the processes that will bring more women to Cologix in the future. That’s why we launched the Cologix Women’s Connection Network (CWCN). This network serves all women-identified employees in the company and provides a safe environment to share our stories, listen and learn from one another. It allows Cologix women to network with one another and to network outside the company with women leaders in a variety of other industries. On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the creation of this network and our continuing focus to make Cologix a great place to work for women.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day celebration is #BreaktheBias, recognizing the role that bias and negative stereotypes have in perpetuating inequality in the workplace. Today, and throughout Women’s History Month in March, we ask you to consider your own biases – at work and in the world. Becoming aware of our biases is the first step towards eliminating them, and that awareness can begin to change our practices in mentoring, promoting and hiring women. CWCN will continue to elevate topics like bias to Cologix employees, and we look forward to seeing the impact we can have to make Cologix a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment for all employees.

by Laura Ortman and Dawn Smith



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