Carrier Spotlight: Q & A with Michael Glynn – Console Connect Available at 16 Cologix Data Centers


Console Connect is an easy-to-use platform for the Software Defined Interconnection® of businesses, applications and infrastructures. It allows users to self-provision private, high-performance connections among a global ecosystem of enterprises, networks, clouds, SaaS providers, IoT providers and applications providers.

Console Connect is available at 16 Cologix data centers throughout North America. We reached out to Michael Glynn, Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation, Console Connect, to discuss how Console Connect can help Cologix’s customers successfully do business at the digital edge.

Q: Tell us more about the Console Connect offering. What sets Console Connect apart from other digital platforms available in the market?

A: What makes the Console Connect digital platform different is the performance, security and speed of our underlying network infrastructure – which we own and operate globally. This provides Cologix customers with on-demand, high-performance connectivity between all major metro areas and key markets across North America, as well as on-demand international capacity to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Using the Console Connect web application or via our open API, customers can manage and monitor multiple network connections and services in real-time – bypassing the traditional manual service delivery processes and shrinking timeframes from weeks to minutes.”

Q: What types of businesses can benefit from connecting to Console Connect via Cologix’s Access Marketplace?

A: The surge in demand for cloud solutions and the mass shift to hybrid working is accelerating the need for high-performance networking that can support mission-critical workloads and applications.

The Console Connect platform is a great fit for businesses that are looking to build out their digital ecosystems and interconnect with a larger number of digital service providers.

Customers can leverage our MPLS network to interconnect on-demand with other business partners and service providers that are already on the platform, which includes a growing number of enterprises, carriers, clouds, SaaS providers, IoT providers and applications providers.

The platform provides direct access to the world’s largest cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and more, with an extensive and growing choice of cloud on-ramps in North America.

What’s more is that using our new CloudRouter®, customers can also instantly create a private and secure meshed network for their multi-cloud environment – connecting any cloud to any cloud or any cloud to any location without the need for dedicated hardware.

Q: Why and when should Cologix’s customers consider connecting with Console Connect?

A: Console Connect addresses the three major networking challenges facing today’s businesses, which are security, speed and agility.

Console Connect can help Cologix customers directly interconnect with more than 750 other data center locations across 50 countries worldwide using our own high-performance network. Customers can also leverage this network for remote peering through direct interconnections to many of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges.

At select Cologix data centers, customers can also access our industry-leading global IP transit (AS3491) on-demand. This service leverages our Tier 1 global IP network that is ranked in the top 10 for IPv4 and IPv6 peering.

And finally, through the Console Connect MeetingPlace, Cologix customers can provision partner services such as remote peering, colocation, and business applications, as well as purchase home-grown features and solutions from Console Connect.

Q: How do customers in Cologix data centers get started with Console Connect?

A: It couldn’t be easier to get started with Console Connect. Simply order an Access Port to any of the Console Connect-enabled data centers, register your company on the platform and then you’re ready to access our on-demand private connectivity.

All of our on-demand services are available through a single Access Port and you can provision and pay for these services in real-time through the Console Connect management portal, which is intuitive and easy-to-use. What’s more is you only pay for the bandwidth you need, even if it is just for a day.

Q: PCCW Global has made Console Connect available in 16 Cologix locations, including Jacksonville and Montreal. Do you have plans to expand Console Connect in the remaining Cologix data centers in North America?

A: There are plans to expand the Console Connect platform to additional Cologix data center locations in Vancouver soon. If you would like to find out more or arrange to see a demo of the platform, contact sales@consoleconnect.com.


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