Carrier Spotlight: Q & A with Art Kazmierczak – Arelion’s Network Offerings for Cologix Customers


From humble beginnings in the early 1990s, Arelion has become a connectivity partner of choice to the world’s largest content providers, operators and enterprises. In the past, Arelion’s network laid the very foundations of the Internet revolution and today its solutions are enabling digitalization throughout business and society.

Arelion’s IP offerings are now available at 8 Cologix data centers throughout North America, including Columbus, OH, Dallas, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Minneapolis, MN, and Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. We reached out to Art Kazmierczak, Director of Business & Network Development at Arelion, to discuss how its network services can help Cologix’s customers successfully do business at the digital edge.

Q: Recently, your company changed its name from Telia Carrier to Arelion. What led to this change and what does the Arelion name stand for?

A:  Telia Carrier was acquired from Telia Company by Polhem Infra, a Swedish investment company backed by some of the largest Swedish pension funds. After nearly 20 years as part of the Telia Company family, it is now a new era in which we can even better serve customers and compete in the global marketplace.

Polhem Infra, is a financially strong owner focused on long-term sustainable investments in critical infrastructure such as transport, energy and digital infrastructure, represents an ideal match. Our journey to continue to expand our network and service portfolio, such as the buildouts in several key regions in the US and the launch of new services targeting the enterprise market, will accelerate under the ownership of Polhem Infra.

As part of this transaction as we are no longer part of Telia Company so we have rebranded as Arelion.  The new name originates from the core concepts of “A ray of Light” signifying our global optical network we operate connecting the world and as a “partner you can rely on” together resulting in the name “Arelion”.

Q: Tell us more about Arelion’s network services and other offerings. What sets Arelion apart from other digital platforms available in the market?

A: Arelion operates the world’s #1 ranked global IP backbone ( AS1299 ), and provides connectivity at scale in more than 125 countries globally. Our customers have direct access to our unique ecosystem of network service providers and content and cloud applications. This provides high-quality connectivity to over 700 of the largest cloud, applications, security and content providers with low latency for optimal end user experience.

Arelion provides high-speed IP Transit, Cloud Connect, DDoS Mitigation, Ethernet and IPX services for operators, content providers and enterprises alike. With more than 2,000 customers worldwide, our private Cloud Connect service connects directly to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle cloud across North America, Europe and Asia.

Q: What types of businesses can benefit from connecting to Arelion?

A:  As businesses continue their digitalization journey, they need a partner who can provide low latency and high capacity secure access to the core cloud resources and applications their end users rely on for their daily activities. Access to these resources from end users working anywhere in today’s environment is enhanced by Arelion’s network reach connecting broadband and mobile operators globally.

Q: Why and when should Cologix’s customers consider connecting with Arelion?

A: Any company looking to improve their connectivity experience can benefit from Arelion’s network services. Our focus is to provide a great customer experience and make it easy for customers to do business with fast delivery intervals, transparency, and secure and automated self serve capability with our portal and APIs enabling real time service provisioning and reporting.

Q: How do customers in Cologix data centers get started with Arelion?

A: For more information, customers can access our website at https://www.arelion.com/. To directly contact our team 24/7 via our portal or live chat more information can be found here:  https://www.arelion.com/contact.html.

Q: Arelion’s network services are available in 8 Cologix locations from Dallas to Vancouver, Canada. Do you have plans to expand in the remaining Cologix data centers in North America?

A: Arelion has had a long and successful history working together with Cologix to meet our customer’s needs in multiple markets, including most recently adding a new presence is the high growth markets of Vancouver and Columbus. We expect this partnership to continue as our customers guide us to prioritize our ongoing growth and we continue our initiative to extend our network reach and bring scale to new edge markets globally.


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