Managed DDoS Mitigation

Isolate malicious traffic to prevent it from impacting infrastructure performance

DDoS attacks attempt to paralyze systems, devices and network by overwhelming them with bogus traffic. FLEXSecurity Managed DDoS Mitigation service protects against volume-based and stealth-based DDoS attacks by actively monitoring and analyzing the flow of traffic to customer infrastructure and isolating any malicious traffic to prevent it from impacting performance. We establish baseline statistics that create a traffic profile of normal daily networking activity. The custom traffic profile then provides us with actionable intelligence that we use to create a unique mitigation plan. When a DDoS attack happens, we receive the alert and instantly begin to execute this plan, and simultaneously contact the customer with an attack alert. We then commence mitigation and follow up with a detailed report of the traffic analytics once the attack has been resolved.

DDoS diagram

FLEXSecurity Managed DDoS Mitigation service analyzes, detects and addresses advanced threats to ensure service availability and improve network performance.


Benefits of FlexSecurity Managed DDoS Mitigation

  • Set up, maintained and monitored 24×7 by the Cologix team of security experts equipped to handle the latest in DDoS attack strategies and techniques
  • 100% uptime guarantee with 24×7 proactive monitoring to catch high‐volume flood attacks as soon as they begin
  • Housed in secure Cologix data centers so there’s no hardware or software required within your environment
  • Secure web portal to view statistics and reports on security events and traffic patterns
  • Flexibility to handle large‐volume DDoS attacks of up to 15Gps
  • Monthly rental with no CAPEX requirements 
  • No equipment purchase, maintenance or upgrade charges
  • With the combination of DDoS Monitoring and DDoS Mitigation, a customer will not only be aware of any attacks, we will automatically commence DDoS mitigation within 30 minutes of an attack
  • Easily integrates with all Cologix FLEXInfrastructureSolutions, including FLEXServer, FLEXVServer, and FLEXVirtualDC within the data center environment

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