Carrier Spotlight: Q & A with Michael Louden, Vice President of Business Services for Comcast Business


In just over 15 years, Comcast Business has grown to become a leading technology provider delivering business solutions to over two million businesses. Comcast Business offers a suite of Connectivity, Communications, Networking, Cybersecurity, Wireless and Managed Solutions to help organizations of all sizes prepare for what’s next.

Comcast Business’s suite of offerings are now available at Cologix data centers in Northern New Jersey. We reached out to Michael Louden, Vice President of Business Services for Comcast Business’s Freedom Region, which includes Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey and northern Delaware, to discuss how connecting to their services can help Cologix’s customers successfully do business at the digital edge.

Q: Tell us more about Comcast Business’s network services and other offerings. What sets Comcast Business apart from other digital platforms available in the market?

A: Comcast Business offers a variety of services to meet the needs of customers big and small, including Internet and WiFi, mobile and TV services, cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Comcast Business can help customers determine what business solutions will fit their needs and provides 24/7 support as well as guaranteed service. Comcast Business also goes beyond the basics, providing backup if problems arise, from natural disasters to cybersecurity issues or any other unexpected business challenge.

Q: What types of businesses and industries can benefit from connecting to Comcast Business?

A: Our versatility allows Comcast Business to serve large enterprises and small businesses equally. Whether a work-from-home environment, office space, or data center, Comcast Business offers solutions to address any organization’s needs. This includes internet speeds from one Gigabit to 10, WiFi Pro for small businesses to provide advanced control and SD-WAN for large enterprises to create centralized network management.

Comcast Business also provides industry-specific services. Healthcare facilities can optimize their network infrastructures with cloud services and SD-WAN to provide patients with reliable access to health information. Retail stores may implement centralized Internet accessibility for multiple store locations at one hub. Restaurants can even use Managed WiFi with analytics to set up separate employee and customer WiFi networks, as well as analytics to improve guest experiences.

Q: Why and when should Cologix’s customers consider connecting with Comcast Business?

A: We are up and running so Cologix customers can connect with Comcast Business now. Leveraging a strong network, broad portfolio, and strategic alliances, Comcast Business delivers global secure network solutions like advanced cybersecurity, SD-WAN services and Metro Ethernet Forum-compliant Data Connectivity offerings, which provide high-speed connectivity across interconnected data centers along with cybersecurity options that provide a basis for safe, reliable connectivity. In the era of digital transformation, cybersecurity is essential — and Comcast Business solutions align with today’s top trends.

Cologix customers can also experience improved speeds and the peace of mind that comes with redundancy offered through Comcast Business, as well as greater flexibility in its ability to respond to the explosion of data, the Internet of Things (IoT), remote or hybrid work and other trends that are continuing to push the data colocation space. The ability to do business at the digital edge also helps advance digital transformation initiatives and enable businesses to better support employees working remotely. As a result, businesses can improve their operations across all sides, leading to benefits such as increased flexibility, improved productivity, and stronger resource management.

Q: How do customers in Cologix data centers get started with Comcast Business?

A: Customers can contact their sales executive to get started or contact us via our website, business.comcast.com/, to get in touch with a Comcast Business representative by phone or dedicated chat tool.


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