Colocation: Empowering Your Digital Transformation

December 04, 2018

Colocation: Empowering Your Digital Transformation

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How Can Data Centers Power Your Digital Transformation?

A customer-focused data center should be as dynamic as the services it provides—supporting the evolution of IT strategies to assist with your digital transformation.

The ever-present pressure for businesses to reduce CapEx and increase scale means companies are flocking to the cloud—but moving everything to the cloud comes with a multitude of challenges. Some portions of your applications may be cloud-ready and others may not. How can businesses integrate their legacy, or non-cloud-friendly, services with the cloud-native or cloud-friendly ones? A hybrid cloud approach, made easy via colocation data centers, is the answer.

Although every hybrid setup is different, there are four common advantages of a hybrid cloud approach:

Greater Flexibility – Neutral and robust choice of network and cloud providers offers the ultimate architectural flexibility. A simple cross-connect to a robust ecosystem of service providers, and direct on-ramps to cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more, allow companies to adapt their hybrid strategy quickly to meet real-time requirements.

Reduced Complexity – Direct on-ramps to network and cloud providers enable the most efficient and low latency solution. Direct on-ramps to public and private cloud services within the data center allow for direct access between your businesses’ private IT infrastructure and cloud & network nodes—optimizing network performance (low latency) while simplifying IT architecture.

Greater Security & Compliance – Avoid the public Internet and leverage the security and fail-proof infrastructure of a purpose-built data center. Data center providers adhere to stringent maintenance programs, redundant infrastructure systems, and 24×7 monitoring & security protocols, so your critical business infrastructure is protected and connected at all times.

Lower CapEx – Building and maintaining your own internal data center infrastructure is costly and often inefficient. De-risk your financial investment and let your data center provider worry about evolving technologies, sound infrastructure, security measures, and power demands.

Beyond space and power, data centers provide an ecosystem that delivers direct access to cloud and service providers—a habitat of diverse connectivity that facilitates the hybrid approach needed for digital transformation.

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