Why Cologix?
Why Cologix

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Our industry is filled with many capable and dedicated providers. You come to this page to find out what makes us different and, frankly, better.

At Cologix, we view our data centers as ecosystems where we meet unpredictable and dynamic needs. Today, cloud services are spun-up in minutes. Why can’t data centers be as agile? Our customers are implementing hybrid-and multi-cloud application deployments as they take the next steps in digital business. Why shouldn’t our services keep pace with the accelerating rate of digital transformation and our service model have the flexibility to be shaped around your needs?

What you need today will change in months, days or even minutes. This perspective is driving us to embark on exciting changes.


We’re executing on a roadmap of strategic growth, building out new, power-dense facilities for hyperscale computing at today’s internet edge and in locations where we anticipate need. We’re not just providing real estate and data housing. We’re offering the ability to support complex, explosive and new technology requirements. Our Meet-Me-Rooms enable you to connect with more cloud, content and network partners almost every day. We continue to set challenging goals, build our technical and industry expertise and fulfill our commitment to customer-experience by hiring people who have a passion for the industry, at every level of the company.

We are gaining momentum. And we want to take you along for the journey, to Connect Together.


The Cologix Manifesto: We know that you have many options for colocation and connectivity providers. That’s why we’ve built our data centers and services around these critical differentiators:

Network Neutrality Network Neutrality

Network Neutrality

Be in control of your network strategy! Cologix is network-neutral to our core. We do not operate our own network, and we give our customers easy access to all of the network connections in our markets.

Network Accessibility Network Accessibility

Network Accessibility

No one else gives you this level of Interconnection! Cologix’s Meet-Me-Rooms provide access to 450+ unique networks.

Onramp in Tier 2 Markets Onramp in Tier 2 Markets

Onramp in Tier 2 Markets

The edge of the internet keeps expanding – You should be there too! Colocating in any of Cologix’s Tier 2 markets helps organizations reduce network costs and complexity by moving data closer to the ever-expanding edge of the internet. Cologix helps decrease the costs of expanding IT infrastructure while advancing network performance.

Safety and Security Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Sleep well at night knowing your mission-critical data is protected. Tier 2 markets provide a unique advantage by removing some of the risks from natural disasters and offering a safer location for primary servers or secondary disaster and recovery sites.

Local Service Local Service

Local Service

Shouldn’t your support be in the same place as your service? Cologix provides 24/7 access to local support teams in each of our markets.

Cologix customers sleep well at night because Cologix delivers:

  • Unrelenting investment in infrastructure
  • Leading preventive maintenance program
  • Leading systems and monitoring – Cologix Command data center infrastructure management (DCIM)
  • 24×7 Cologix Live Support
  • Local touch – direct relationships with our data center managers

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