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A small rack of servers or an entire enterprise data center – deployed in seconds from any computer.

Demand for IT infrastructure continues to grow, as do the expectations for performance. Every minute of time waiting is an opportunity lost for your business. Between deciding on the right hardware and software, racking and stacking servers, and configuring network equipment, deploying a new IT platform used to take days or weeks, but FLEXVirtualDC from Cologix reduces this time to seconds. Every data center infrastructure component is virtualized so that customers have access to committed, on‐demand infrastructure resources, including compute, memory, storage, and bandwidth. This virtualization allows customers to deploy anything from a small rack of servers to an entire data center immediately from the comfort of an office computer.

FLEXVirtualDC enables customers to build new servers or virtual machines (VMs) quickly by uploading those that are already running in customer environments and creating catalogs of standardized images for future use. The next time a similar configuration is needed, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping a copy of the previous deployment out of a personalized catalog—no need to buy new hardware to deploy a new application. Simply spin up a new application and, if needed, IT managers can quickly increase the capacity of their virtual data center on‐demand.

FLEXVirtualDC‘s pool of virtual infrastructure resources has been designed specifically for enterprise business needs. Those resources include computer memory, storage, and bandwidth with the option to add FLEXBackup, FLEXStorage, and FLEXSecurity (including firewalls, DDoS Mitigation, and load balancers). For a genuine hybrid solution, unique to your company’s needs, you can also combine FLEXVirtualDC with your FLEXServer environments.

FLEXVirtualDC Highlights:

  • Power and cooling included
  • Fully redundant infrastructure

  • Built-in enterprise-level security
  • 24/7 monitoring by state-of-the-art software included

  • Rapid deployment timeframe
  • Easily and quickly scale as you grow

Benefits of FlexVirtualDC

Rock solid SLAs, including 99.999% platform uptime.

Next‐generation, enterprise-grade hardware deployed in redundant implementations.

Change the majority of infrastructure spend from Cap‐Ex to Op‐Ex.

HIPAA/HITECH compliant cloud infrastructure housed inside compliant Cologix New Jersey data centers.

Our secure web portal allows customers to easily re‐adjust resource allocations within the environment at any time.

Quickly add or delete resources from customer environments on‐demand at a moment’s notice.

Easily integrates with all Cologix FLEXInfrastructureSolutions, including Firewall, Managed DDoS, Storage, and Backup.

Resources can be directly connected to the Cologix Internet backbone, third-party providers, and/or customer-owned infrastructure via data center cross‐connects.

24×7 monitoring and support backed by the Cologix Network Operations Center.

Based on VMware© vCloud technology, the leading virtualization and cloud platform.

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