Public, private & hybrid options.

FLEXCloud Public

High performance, high availability

Cologix’s public cloud offering is a highly available, highly redundant virtualized hosting platform built on a scalable, shared multi-tenant infrastructure—all housed in Cologix’s enterprise-class data centers in New Jersey.

IT resources—applications, compute, storage, and network—are securely delivered as a service when and where needed, and are all easily scalable to meet changing business demands. Because it provides access to shared computing services and resources, customers can benefit from excellent economies of scale without sacrificing performance. We run FLEXCloud Public environments to ensure critical applications have ample resources available at all times, and we leverage VMware features that allow us to automatically optimize, balance, and migrate workloads across multiple physical hosts without disruption.

FLEXCloud Public can be utilized as a standalone compute environment, or it can be logically connected to physical or other cloud environments as part of a hybrid cloud strategy.

The FLEXCloud Public base configuration includes 1 CPU, 1GB RA,M and 40 GB OS Drive. Using the vCloud Director portal, your administrators can easily provision additional compute, memory and other resources and maintain control over the entire environment.

Shared, multi-tenant, public cloud, ideal for:

  • Applications requiring high performance, scalability, and availability
  • Production environments
  • Testing, development, and quality assurance
Colocation: Empowering Your Digital Transformation

FLEXCloud Private

Dedicated, secure & compliant.

Cologix’s Private Cloud solution is 100% dedicated as a virtualized hosting infrastructure housed in Cologix’s enterprise-class New Jersey data centers.

That means customers do not share any portion of their cloud infrastructure with another client—a great fit when business needs require the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of cloud computing without the worry of sharing the instances of workloads with any other customer. It’s also an ideal solution for businesses with heavy regulatory compliance requirements (i.e., HIPAA/HITECH) who want to take advantage of the security and cost savings of a hosted, managed private cloud environment.

Private Cloud is all about maintaining control over software, applications, and physical infrastructure. FLEXCloud Private is built using VMware—the leader in enterprise virtualization and cloud software. In addition to the redundancy and scalability you get similar to FLEXCloud Public, we also leverage VMware’s vCloud Director to provide complete control to our customers.

The FLEXCloud Private base configuration includes 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, and 40 GB OS Drive. Using vCloud Director portal, your administrators can easily provision compute, memory, networking, and storage resources while maintaining control of the entire environment.

Fully dedicated cloud. Ideal for:

  • Companies with regulatory compliance requirements
  • Environments requiring the highest level of security
  • Specialized hardware OS or software licensing requirements

FLEXCloud Hybrid

A customized mix of environments.

Cologix’s Hybrid Cloud solution enables customers to use both Public and Private Cloud together in a hybrid manner, plus it offers the ability to combine that with physical hardware from your Cologix colocation environment. This solution gives customers the power to leverage FLEXCloud when and where needed for resources like compute and storage, while integrating existing colocated dedicated resources, like databases, in a holistic solution. Enterprises can also connect cloud compute resources directly to their colocation environment—handling overflow situations such as seasonal spikes that require extra capacity. The possibilities are limitless!

Shared, dedicated or colocated. Ideal for:

  • Companies who want to migrate to Cloud gradually
  • Businesses who want virtualization but have requirements for a physically separate environment
  • Large CPU demands and storage capabilities

Benefits of FLEXCloud:

  • Save resources and money by moving less critical applications and data to FLEXCloud Public.
  • Maintain more sensitive data and applications in secure FLEXCloud Private.
  • Utilize FLEXBridge Layer 2 connections to connect physical servers in a colocation environment to your FLEXCloud environment, allowing customers to leverage the cloud when and where you need it.
  • Use our portal or API to monitor resources, and scale them on-demand to quickly deal with elastic workloads and unexpected spikes in traffic.
  • Leverage our compliant cloud and data center infrastructures, and maintain the ability to keep certain hardware assets – like encryption ‘black boxes’ – in a colocation environment.
  • Use colocation for production environments, with a recovery environment in FLEXCloud for built-in disaster recovery.

Customers can further customize their FLEXCloud deployment with the following options:

Robust Connectivity options, including shared and dedicated Internet access, to address network needs.

Cloud Backup solutions to protect data and rapidly restore files after a failure or file loss.

High performance, on-demand NAS and SAN Storage solutions to quickly and reliably solve capacity issues.

24×7 DDoS Monitoring and Mitigation service to proactively secure infrastructure against volume-based and stealth-based attacks.

Dedicated Firewall solutions that provide multiple layers of border protection, intrusion detection, and URL/web filtering.

Load Balancing service to distribute traffic across all resources and keep servers running efficiently.

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