Automated protection with instant recovery from endpoints to servers.

Protect data from equipment failure, theft, and disasters by backing it up to a safe, remote location.

No matter what the cause is, lost data can cripple a business. Enterprises need a simple yet powerful solution in place to protect critical data, and rapidly restore files after a system failure or data loss—getting back to normal as fast as possible. And today’s IT managers don’t need the hassle of continually swapping backup tapes, burning data onto CDs and DVDs, or manually running replication software.

FLEXBackup is our cloud‐based backup and recovery subscription service that automatically backs up desktop, laptop, and server data from across a customer’s entire organization. FLEXBackup compresses, de‐duplicates, and encrypts data using an advanced encryption standard (AES‐256) before transmitting it off‐site to the secure vault servers at our data center. Leveraging industry‐leading software from eVault, customers can configure, monitor and modify backup policies, and access and recover any data—all from a secure web browser. Customers can also back up data locally before sending it to the cloud and can choose to utilize a geographically diverse vault to provide added protection. Regardless of configuration, customers know that industry experts protect their data according to the highest standards of security and reliability.

FLEXBackup is deployed in our highly secure, high-availability data centers that are managed and monitored 24×7. Available as shared, dedicated, or combined, this managed backup offering can be deployed as a complement to existing on-site office infrastructure, existing infrastructure within a Cologix data center, or combined with any of our other FLEXInfrastructureSolutions.

Benefits of FLEXBackup

Bare‐Metal backups and restore: FLEXBackup can take an image of a physical or virtual server and restore the image to another physical server, virtual server, or your cloud environment.

End‐to‐end encryption encrypts backup data inside the firewall (AES, 3DES, Blowfish), over the wire (AES, SSL), and when at rest in the cloud. Only you hold the decryption keys.

Fast, efficient backups—only new or changed data blocks are sent—compression and bandwidth throttling further speed transfers, lighten network loads, and shrink storage.

FLEXBackup can back up most anything. We support a wide range of files, directories, servers, endpoints, and platforms—including Windows, SQL/Exchange, Hyper‐V, Linux, VMware, and NetApp.

A simple browser‐based dashboard lets customers initiate, monitor, and manage backups. Restoring files can be accomplished at any time with just a few clicks of the mouse.

FLEXBackup can be deployed as a complement to existing on‐site office infrastructure, existing infrastructure within a Cologix data center, or combined with any FLEXInfrastructureSolutions.

No capital expense or dedicated resources required, and no magnetic tape, CD, or DVD purchase necessary.

24×7 monitoring and support, backed by the Cologix Network Operations Center.

Supports a wide range of OSs, data types, and platforms, including:

  • Open Files
  • Windows
  • Unix/Linux
  • Databases (MS-SQL, Oracle)
  • Exchange Servers (DR and Message Level)
  • Sharepoint
  • AS400/OS400
  • VMware©
  • Desktops and roaming laptops over any Internet connection
  • System State and Bare‐Metal backups for Windows, Linux, Unix

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